What can we offer?

We offer a variety of care at home and housing support services delivered by a trained, experienced and reliable care team.

Person Support

  • Assistance with all aspects of personal care including dressing/undressing
  • Assistance with getting up and going to bed
  • Medication administration
  • Food and drink preparation
  • Continence care

Daily Living Support

  • Assistance to go shopping
  • Light domestic duties
  • Companionship and socialising
  • Social support attending outings, activities and appointments
  • Collection of prescriptions

Complex Support

  • Catheter and stoma care
  • Short term care for family respite
  • Planned hospital discharge
  • Rehabilitation and enablement
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Palliative care

Person Centred

We strive in working with a person centred approach, we work together with all service users, professionals and families to put together a support plan which meets the needs of the individuals. We respect everyone’s opinions, beliefs, and choices which empowers all individuals to be independent.


We work in partnership with the local authority, service users, their families and care staff to ensure a meaningful engagement with everyone.


We empower service users to be as independent as possible to allow them to live at home for as long as possible. We do this by encouraging and prompting as much as possible however, we are there for extra assistance with daily tasks when needed.


We support service users to make choices about their care and support and will provide information to ensure they can make informed decisions. We will adapt to individuals preferred ways of communication if they have difficulties with this.


We recognise and place the rights of service users at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We will do our utmost to respect these rights by respecting privacy, dignity, independence, security, civil rights, choice and fulfilment.


We have a duty of confidentiality to our service users. This is a key value in bulding a trusting and caring environment where service users can live safely in the knowledge that their confidences will be kept and where information about them will be protected.

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